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A crown is a permanent covering that fits over an original tooth. If a tooth cannot be repaired by a simple filling, your dentist might recommend a crown.

Generally, it will take more than one visit to insert your crown. The tooth has to be prepared to receive the crown, and an impression is made of the teeth so that the crown can be custom made to best fit your mouth. A temporary crown is inserted until your custom crown is finished. Once the new crown has been made and has the proper fit and look, it is cemented into place.


A bridge consists of several crowns that are attached together, and function to replace one or several missing teeth. It is attached to the teeth that are next to the space that is missing a tooth or teeth. As when creating crowns, it will generally take more than one visit, so that your bridge can be custom made for your mouth. The finished bridge is cemented into place.

Home Care after Crowns and Bridges

Your lips, tongue and teeth may be numb for several hours after your visit. Avoid chewing until the numbness has worn off. You may experience mild pressure sensitivity or soreness. If it persists more than 1-2 days, please call the office. We recommend that you rinse with warm salt water to help reduce pain and swelling. Over the counter medicines such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen can also be taken according to directions.

How long will it take until my crown or bridge is securely cemented?

The material used to cement your crown or bridge permanently into place is usually set by the time you leave the office. During the time when you have the temporary crown, avoid eating sticky foods that could pull the crown out of place, and if possible, chew on the other side of the mouth. Brush your teeth normally, but floss very carefully so that the crown is not disturbed.

What happens if my crown or bridge falls off?

Temporary crowns can come off. Call the office if this happens, and bring the crown with you so that it can be re-cemented back into place. It is important to replace the temporary, as it will keep your other teeth aligned and will not compromise the fit of the permanent crown.

Do I have to take special care of my crown or bridge?

After the permanent crown or bridge is in place, we recommend that you do not chew very hard things, such as ice and hard candy. Sticky foods may also loosen your crown or bridge, and should be avoided. Excessive force by chewing hard things can cause cracks, splitting, or other injury to the material.

Be aware that decay can develop along the edges where the crown meets the tooth. Brush and floss with care to maintain a high level of oral hygiene to prevent problems.

My crown or bridge is uncomfortable, can you adjust it?

After your crown or bridge has been permanently seated, you may still need further adjustment. We want your bite to be as comfortable as possible, so please call to schedule an adjustment if necessary. If you have persistent pain, or any other questions or concerns, please call the office.

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